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Septentrionalia is a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to the study of the medieval north.

The current focus of the initiative is on the digitisation of public-domain scholarship. While a number of other venues are already offering texts and translations within our field, these are typically text or hypertext digitisations of mostly uncritical print editions. As such, they lack page numbers and hence cannot be cited. Moreover, the danger of transition errors renders these texts unreliable in academic contexts. Pdf reproductions have thus far favoured uncritical translations and popular scholarship over text editions and leading early criticism. General digitisation projects have left out most scholarship in our field since these initiatives lack a specific focus; and the largest of these programmes, Google Books, at times delivers deplorable quality. The one exception to these objections is Sagnanet, a project with an admirable quantity of relevant content. Unfortunately, the site has two major shortcomings in terms of accessibility on which its 2001-2003 usability study has, curiously, not picked up: the print materials (and the manuscripts to a lesser degree) are neither easily browsable online, since one cannot go straight to the required page (even in very long works, one can browse only twelve pages at a time), nor are they easily used offline, since printing and downloading are only possible one page at a time. Sagnanet furthermore does not offer works published after 1900, and it does not provide literature outside the Old Icelandic sphere of interest. Septentrionalia aims to fill these gaps in the interest of scholars and students. Our resources are primarily intended to facilitate research and language training, as well as to provide teachers and reading group leaders with free (in every sense), easy-access material. We hold no rights over the files we offer. Local law permitting, any user is free to download the material to any device, print, modify, and redistribute it in any way he or she deems fit without source attribution. Septentrionalia is dedicated to the preservation of early scholarship without compromising accessibility.

Als wachter over recht en wet stelt men de boom aan de grens van de gemeente; hij moet als een vertegenwoordiger van de hoogste rechter, het veld behoeden en de boosdoeners tegenhouden. Daarom bestraft men de boomschender als een rover of moordenaar: wie de kruin van een groene boom afslaat, zal op zijn stam het hoofd afgeslagen worden, en wie zijn wortels schendt, zal het zijn eigen voeten ervoor boeten.


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