Red Hair in Arabic Holy Families

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Red Hair in Arabic Holy Families

Bericht  Sibbevader op ma 25 okt 2010, 21:15

Red Hair in Arabic Holy Families

There appears to have been a blond, or red-haired, racial element amongst the leadership of the Arabic peoples, from the very earliest times. Thus, as the distinguished Harvard anthropologist Carleton S. Coon has noted, when referring to the population of the Yemen plateau:

“The Nordic-looking people are usually confined to the social stratum from which civil officers and religious men are drawn, and it is more than a coincidence that the acknowledged descendants of the Prophet are lighter-skinned and show greater evidence of blondism than the rest of the population.”
[Coon (1939) 408-409.]

Professor C. S. Coon has also stated, that amongst the people of Morocco:

“The ordinary city Arabs are little different from their pastoral and agricultural brethren, but this rule does not apply to the aristocratic families. These merchant-princes are sometimes blond, and of Nordic appearance.”
[Coon (1939) 484.]

The Prophet Muhammad (AD 570-632), the founder of the Islamic religion, was apparently fair-skinned;
Umar, described the Prophet thus:

“his face was not fat nor rounded; it was white tinged with red“. [Guillaume (1987) 726.]

Most authorities on the issue appear to prefer that Muhammad was brunet, but Henric von Schwerin has stated that:

“Red-hair is still honoured amongst Moslems as the Prophet Mohammed himself was reported to have red hair.”
[von Schwerin (1960) 27.]

During her lifetime Aisha, the Prophet’s beloved wife, gained the epithet humayra, a word which has been translated as “light,” “reddish,” or “fair,” but whose meaning can be most accurately rendered as “blonde.” [Baltzer (1934) 206; Lewis (1990) 36; Vollers (1910) 91.] Subsequently, she has become known to the Islamic peoples as “Aisha the Blonde.” [Günther (1930) 168.]

Abu Bakr, the father of Aisha, and thus, the father-in-law of Muhammad, was the first Caliph of *slam (AD 632-634). He was slenderly built, and white-skinned; also, he dyed his grey beard red, in an attempt to gain a more youthful appearance. [Günther (1930) 163.]

Caliph Ali (AD 656-661), a first cousin and son-in-law of Muhammad, was also renowned for his blond hair, as were his descendants, who founded the Shi’ite branch of *slam. [Grant (1981) 84-85; Lewis (1990) 36.]

It would also appear that many of the numerous and diverse rulers of Moorish Spain, were racially Nordic; the Spanish historian Enrique Sordo, informs us that:

“Most of the caliphs were fair or ginger-haired with blue eyes, which seems to show a preponderance of Berber or Germanic blood.” [Sordo (1962) 24.]

This trend towards blondism began with the first independent Muslim ruler of the Iberian Peninsula. Abd al-Rahman I (AD 756-788), the founder of the Cordoban Emirate, was a Syrian from the Damascus region, and belonged to the imperial Umayyad family: he was a grandson of Caliph Hisham (AD 724-743). His mother was a Berber, and his father was the Syrio-Arab Umayyad, Muawiya. He is said to have been a “colossal red-haired man”.
[Grant (1981) 90; Sordo (1962) 23.]

“Red-hair is still honoured amongst Moslems as the Prophet Mohammed himself was reported to have red hair.”


Als wachter over recht en wet stelt men de boom aan de grens van de gemeente; hij moet als een vertegenwoordiger van de hoogste rechter, het veld behoeden en de boosdoeners tegenhouden. Daarom bestraft men de boomschender als een rover of moordenaar: wie de kruin van een groene boom afslaat, zal op zijn stam het hoofd afgeslagen worden, en wie zijn wortels schendt, zal het zijn eigen voeten ervoor boeten.


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Re: Red Hair in Arabic Holy Families

Bericht  ossaert op di 26 okt 2010, 04:34

Wel wel wel, dan zouden die macho's best eens hun bek gaan houden en wat respect tonen!

(en afbollen natuurlijk)

De Groet

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